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You’re invited to Spider-Man: Homecoming in new trailer

Sony has been selling Spider-Man: Homecoming as a coming-of-age tale focusing on young Peter Parker’s attempts to balance high school life with having superpowers, but the newly released trailer for the film has just a tad more action than you’d see in your average John Hughes movie. Sure, we open with Peter (Tom Holland) testing out his new powers, crashing pool parties and hanging out with his pal Ned (Jacob Batalon) like a normal high school kid. But do normal high school kids have one-on-one meetings with Iron Man (Robert Downey Jr.)? No, no they do not.


Normal high schoolers don’t have archnemeses either, but there’s Michael Keaton’s The Vulture, blowing up cruise ships and forcing Spidey to show off his parkour skills. The action in the trailer is quite literally high-flying, culminating in Spider-Man and The Vulture facing off on a plane high above New York City. Nothing will ever be normal again for Peter Parker after Spider-Man: Homecoming debuts on July 7.

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