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You’ve probably already watched yourself watching the trailer for Tell Me How I Die

What would you do if you could see the moment of your own death? Would you try to change it? Come to terms with your own mortality? Party as if tomorrow might never come? Well, if your immediate answer was “Die anyway, but with my body in a weirdly artistic position,” you might already be a cast member of Tell Me How I Die, a new horror movie that smooshes together Final Destination, Flatliners, and a little bit of Sandra Bullock’s weepy Premonition. (Our condolences, by the way.)


Centering on a bunch of college-age kids who start having prophetic visions of their own deaths after signing up for a drug trial, the film stars Losts William Mapother as the doctor overseeing the experiments, along with Virginia Gardner, who, between this and last year’s Michael Bay-produced Project Almanac, has apparently become the go-to gal for setting right what once went wrong on the cheap. The movie will debut in select theaters, on iTunes, and via VOD (although you probably already knew that, and that there’s nothing we can do to stop it from arriving on September 16).

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