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Zac Efron makes waves in the first Baywatch trailer

The first Baywatch movie promo showed The Rock emerge from the ocean like a smoother Godzilla, even though he was supposed to be a kind of Aquaman. Now the teaser it was promoting has been released, and it introduces us to the rest of the oceanside squadron. Rob Huebel appears to be a bureaucrat who needs The Rock to save money and lives, while restoring the Baywatch reputation. That’s a little confusing, given that everyone in this movie has assumed a character from the original show, including The Rock as Mitch and Zac Efron as Matt. So, who exactly tarnished the Baywatch brand? Was it The Hoff?


In any case, Matt and Mitch will butt heads, because they’re both muscle-bound dudes, but only one of them is an Olympic athlete. That’s great, Matt, but who dove into exploding water in this trailer? It was Mitch, who has to pull his team together while being upstaged by Matt. But don’t worry, this bro-cean is big enough for the two of them. And yes, there’s plenty of slo-mo and bikinis.

Surf’s up May 26, 2017, when Baywatch hits theaters.

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