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“DJs aren’t like normal people. Normal people listen to music. Normal people dance to music. But DJs? We feel music. We are music. When I lay down a hot track or a sick beat, I’m not trying to have a good time. I’m trying to release my soul into the universe so it can burn up into a million little stars. Have you ever even heard a song before? I mean really heard it. Heard it in your bones, and your hair, and your skin as it moves through you and cuts into your organs like a samurai sword. I feel like that all the time, and you never will. So, no, I won’t play ‘Drunk In Love,’ you philistine.”

Zac Efron doesn’t actually deliver that monologue in this trailer for We Are Your Friends—director Max Joseph’s upcoming DJ movie—but he might as well. The whole thing is full of profoundly dramatic narration, a tone that treats electronic dance music like it’s the most important thing in the galaxy, and a constant bemoaning of the plight of millennials. But then DJ Zac Efron gets our hearts bumping to 128 beats per minute and suddenly we’re all are having sex with each other and everything is great. Is it possible that EDM really is the most important thing in the galaxy? Yes, absolutely.


We Are Your Friends will be in theaters on August 28, and it also stars Emily Ratajkowski and Wes Bentley.

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